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Hello there beautiful! I like to start out with compliments...gets 'em right away.

My name is Ally and I've been able to wake up with you for the past 7 years. Most times in yoga pants, sometimes in a dress, but luckily never naked...well I'm not but you may be.  

After moving more times than I can count on my two hands I think I've now settled on a lovely place in Corning. I only say that because I have a washer and dryer now so I feel like more of an adult, plus I don't have to wash my panties in public. I live with my boyfriend Harley as many of you know him and Harley's son Bryce.

I'm a big fan of meeting new people and getting to know them so maybe you and I share interests like, red lipstick, red wine, pin ups, family time, tattoos, dinner with friends, my church and currently i've been running alot of 5k races(especially ones I can dress ridiculous). I hope our paths cross!

Hugs and kisses....


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