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Heeeeere’s Maren!!!

Maren Morris was the musical guest on The Tonight Show last night. She performed the title track from her new album, Girl. Photo courtesy of PRPhotos

How Many Kids? Your Wife Might Think Differently.

If you have a couple of kids, you might be stressed. But did you know that your wife might think there are more “kids” in your family because she counts YOU. Some wives say their husband stresses them out more than the kids. Does this happen at YOUR house? Read more HERE.

That’s not your typical snowman! [Watch]

A Nebraska state trooper got video of an unusual sight in the middle of the road: an entire car made of snow. Sgt. Mick Downing said the unusual sculpture looked like a Ford Mustang. In the video Downing says, “What in the heck. Some people make snow men. Not the people in the northwest corner [...]

What’s Old Is New Again…And Again…

“Hello Stars!”  That’s the way Peter Marshall greeted the celebrities sitting in the 3 story set for the Original Hollywood Squares.   Years later, Tom Bergeron(current host of Dancing With The Stars) took over as host.  Now, reports out of Music City say that CMT is looking at a reboot of the TV show with […]

He put a ring on it! ?

Devin Dawson asked his girlfriend of two years, Leah Sykes, to be his wife -- and she said yes. He posted, "I know there are almost 8 billion people in this world, but yesterday -- without a shadow of a doubt -- you made me the happiest man on this floating spinning rock when you said yes. [...]