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It’s All About Family

Sara Evans and her kids, 16-year-old Olivia and 19-year-old Avery, have formed The Barker Family Band. Sara says, “Family is everything to me, and making a record like this has been a dream for me since my kids were little. They were literally raised on a tour bus around music, and this is something that I’ve […]

Mr. Hitchcock, Line 1….

A Walmart parking lot near Houston, Texas recently looked like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock‘s “Birds” when hundreds of crows invaded and landed on cars as shocked shopped looked on in disbelief. Apparently, it is not the first time this has happened at this parking lot.  

You’ve Heard Of The Highwaymen? Now Meet The Highwomen!!

We’re now know who the final member of The Highwomen is. If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s the all-female supergroup that Brandi Carlile and Amanda Shires spoke about forming last month. Shires is a longtime solo artist who’s married to Jason Isbell and plays fiddle in his group the 400 Unit. At first, she revealed in an interview that […]

Reba: Okurrr! [WATCH]

Reba McEntire channels rapper Cardi B, who is known for her weird vocal trill on "OK." There’s no U In Oklahoma, and that’s OKrrrrr with me...and @iamcardib!!!— Reba (@reba) March 6, 2019 Here's Cardi B teaching a people at a diner how to say, ok. Featured image via