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12 Feet Of Fun!

Well, fun might not be the exactly the right word for Larry.  Remind me to not go to The Villages in Florida anytime soon…

Watching us WHAT?!

A type of video called “gongbang” is popular on YouTube. Gongbang translates to “study broadcast” in Korean. In Japan, it’s known as benkyou douga, and in the US and other parts of the world, it’s simply called “study with me.” It’s a type of video in which people prepare for an exam on camera, while […]

Mardi Gras! Beads? What would we throw in Bigfoot Country?

It’s Fat Tuesday! Time for Mardi Gras celebrations. They always throw tons of beads at Mardi Gras Parades and Celebrations. So I was thinking…if we had a huge Mardi Gras Party in Bigfoot Country…what would be throw INSTEAD of beads?!? Drop by thisisbigfootcountry on facebook and let us know in the comments!

Remember When Luke Perry Played a Cowboy?

Tragically the actor died this morning at the age of 52 after suffering a massive stroke last week. Perry, best known for his role on 90210, and more recently “Riverdale”, once played Lane Frost in the movie “8 Seconds. Perry showed up to present atn ACM award with Naomi Judd back in ’94. See it […]