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Hi! I’m Sam! I’m your typical sarcastic, girl-empowering, 90’s baby that has a pretty normal, sometimes boring life.

I work, workout, go home to walk my two wiener dogs, and I watch Netflix and YouTube in my bed by 8:30… even on Fridays! I would say the only thing that makes me different from the average person is I talk to thousands of people every day on the radio and my hobby is traveling.

In my short life, I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the U.S from NYC, Orlando, Seattle, Hawaii and a bunch of places in-between. I’m about to start the process of getting my passport so I can really start logging those miles around the planet. Other than that, I’m a normal person; my favorite movie is Jaws, I believe mermaids and aliens are real, I’m working on getting a sleeve of tattoos, I’m a vegetarian, Halloween is my favorite holiday, my candy of choice is Mini M&Ms and I care way too much about social media.

With that said, you can follow me on Instagram @onairwithsam.